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Keeping Track of Your kid’s iPhone Activities

iPhone is a craze for teenagers. Kids don’t leave their handset for  even one second and whenever we try and look at what they are doing,  they are always warming up their fingers texting their friends.  Excessive messaging can be harmful for your kid’s health as teenagers  neglect their sleep while texting all day and night. What parents need  to do is to spy on iPhone messages of their kids with the help of a  parental monitoring app StealthGenie.
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An Exciting App:

An exciting thing about this monitoring app is its remote monitoring.  No matter wherever you are in the world, you can keep account of all  the activities of your kids at any time you want to. To avoid any  conflict between you and your kid, StealthGenie works discreetly inside  the cell phone of kids and does not disclose about its presence to  anyone at all. This app is extremely user-friendly and no feature of  your child’s cell phone is disturbed during the installation process.
Perfect Monitoring:
iPhone models running on iOS 4.0 or higher than that work perfectly  alongside this monitoring app. All you need to do is download  StealthGenie inside your kid’s cell phone once you have signed-up for an  account with them. Use your log-in details and gain complete access to  all the information stored inside your kid’s iPhone.
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